Crew Banquet

Eamon Flynn, Contributing Writer

On Tuesday night the Hingham Crew team piled into the High School’s cafeteria to celebrate their successful season. For some it was the last time that they will ever be with the team.

The night commemorate the team as a whole for their hard work and effort through the tough season. Speeches by the coaches and directors of the sport filled the night as the spoke about the hardships and rewards of the season. Some of these speeches provoked the coaches to shed tears as they recalled their fond times coaching the team.

The SNAP program also went up to give the team a heartwarming speech about overcoming their disabilities and enjoying life as who they are. Freshman David Mills says, “It is very inspiring seeing them do what they love to do despite their capabilities.” It really was a special moment for these kids as they got to show how thankful they were.

After the speeches, people enjoyed their dinner. Then, after about thirty minutes, everyone was called back to their tables and director Doug McCaig called off the names of the rowers to get their gifts. It was a sentimental time as the rowers collected their gifts and shook the hands of the coaches.

After everyone’s names were called off the main attraction of the night started. Everyone anticipated director Mark Blasetti’s video that showcased the best moments of the season. The video was full of various clips of the season, but towards the end were the Senior interviews. Each Senior was asked about his or her time at Hingham Crew, recalling their favorite moments over their years. It was a very respectful and emotional way for them to say goodbye.

Freshman Ben Shadrick said of the successful night, “I had a lot of fun with my friends and the video was great. The speeches took forever though.” Even if the speeches did take up a big part of the night, the banquet was still a great time as the team gathered together to celebrate their fun and exciting season.