Full School Day Schedule and What That Means For HHS Students


Sydney Driscoll

HHS has assembled large white tents and opens up the bleachers as an alternative eating area to keep students and faculty feeling safe and appropriately spaced apart.

Sydney Driscoll-Gannon, Contributing Writer

This week, Hingham High School students made the switch into full days. Though Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives in great measures, the ever-changing school guidelines and schedules must be one of the most pivotal changes in our lives. We began this 2020-2021 school year attending half days of school (8am-12:05pm) each day. Students would have the option to go into school for their cohorts selected two days (cohort A: Monday and Tuesday and cohort B: Thursday and Friday). All students would meet with their classes remotely on Wednesdays via zoom. 

On February 25, 2021, Governor Baker first announced his plans for full-time, in person learning for elementary schools beginning in April 2021.

Governor Baker elaborated on the children’s want and need for the social, mental, and emotional support school has always provided in their lives.  He mentioned that not only do the children want to go back, but in many cases going back in person was a necessity. Engaging with peers and teachers during the year was crucial. 

Baker concludes his announcement, “The science is clear… Kids can safely return to classrooms, where they are best positioned to grow and thrive.” 

Hingham High School reopened its doors for full days on April 25, 2021. With HHS’s full in-person schedules, students now attend in-person school Monday-Friday, 8am- 2:30pm with the option to leave school during select lunches and end of the day study halls. The new schedule consists of 85 minute classes (previously 75 minutes) with around a 20 minute lunch period. 

School lunch has also made a comeback and HHS has taken to new forms of socially distant eating options. Students have the option to eat in the cafeteria seating 3 feet apart in desks if they wish. They also have the option to sit on the visiting bleachers near the turf field to enjoy their lunch. And finally, the school has assembled large tents near the baseball fields for students to eat under. Students have taken advantage of the outside eating option this spring, many hope this is something we can keep around. 

Sophomore Lauren Brockwell states, “I have first and second lunch this year and I have taken to the outside eating option for both. I have eaten on the bleachers as well as under the tents! Taking no electives this year, I have really missed out on the social aspects of school that classes like gym or art would bring to my day. Now that we have school lunch again, I get to catch up with my friends and fill that social gap that has been missing from my school days for quite some time.”

Sophomore Kerry Breen also commented on the topic. She said, “I have been looking forward to going fully back into school since the beginning of this year. Luckily, I have been attending my two in person classes since the beginning of the year which made for a smooth transition back into school.”