HHS Students’ Opinions on Leaving School Early Instead of Staying for Study



Hingham High attempts to reopen school as much as possible before the year ends and lengthens the school day an extra hour.

Meghan Carr, Contributing Writer

HHS recently modified its schedule on May 17th to align with new regulations by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Now, Blocks A-F last 90 minutes long instead of 83 minutes. Students can enjoy the nice spring weather and take a break from their long classes during the 15 minute snack break between the second and third Blocks of the day. For grades 9-11, the final period each day consists of a 55 minute study with lunch either before, during, or after the block, depending on assigned classrooms. Additionally, the school day now ends at 2:32 instead of 1:00. This new detailed model allows for more consistency, increased class time, and reduces passing time between classes and some student’s previous longer directed studies. 

Students can go home for their directed study at 1:00 and request a dismissal by Google Form each week. This option appeals to students with after school activities, students who feel more productive at home, or those who simply want to relax after a demanding school day. 

On the other hand, some students enjoy the designated study at the end of their day to get homework done and meet with teachers in-person. Many struggled to find motivation and discipline during remote school, so they are taking full advantage of the structured time in-person. Moreover, student-athletes can now go straight from school to sports practice each day. Changing in locker rooms and walking to the field together as a team allows for a greater sense of comradery and community. Sarah Kelly comments, “I like to stay in school most days so I can get work done before track as I notice I am more efficient in the classroom.”

Overall, the new schedule gives students more freedom to decide where and how they want to spend their last block of the day. This makes students more comfortable and motivated to complete their last assignments and exams before summer. Kate Hall comments, “I like having the option to leave school early on the days that I want to. But, I also like that I can stay in school longer and get work done if I have a lot.”