Seniors Celebrate with a Car Parade


Mimi Jiang-Yu

Megan Fennelly, Olivia Spielberger, and Brian Fennelly wave from their car as they drive down Main Street.

Mimi Jiang-Yu, Contributing Writer

At around 9 am on Saturday, May 15th, a procession of cars decorated with bright colors and flags of various colleges and universities made their way down Main Street. The Class of 2021 commemorated their upcoming graduation and their plans for next year with a car parade. Since COVID-19 has placed restrictions on large gatherings, the Senior Prom and other traditional events were canceled for the seniors. “The car parade was a super special day to spend time with friends and create a new tradition that helps to bring closure to senior year,” said senior Pria Parker. “We are so lucky that we could have a senior parade, among our other great senior events, and I hope future classes get to experience it as well!”