Hingham High School Hosts Annual Singer Songwriter Showcase Despite COVID Precautions


Rebecca Cullen

The Singer Songwriter Showcase this year was a great success!

Keely Jordan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Last Thursday, June 10th, Hingham High School hosted its annual Singer-songwriter showcase. The event was held on zoom for the second time ever, and it ran smoothly! Many members of Hingham High School of all grade levels performed. The event is always a unifying time for students of all ages and abilities to bond over their shared love of creating music.
The event ran as it usually does, with students performing original compositions. However, due to it being on Zoom, the event had a few added benefits! Since people from all over could Zoom in, Hingham High School alumni could perform as well. A few past alumni from HHS now attending the University of Berkley were able to attend! It was incredible to be able to see these now professional musicians perform. The event helped inspire the amateur singer-songwriters by giving them a chance to see their peers, old and current, perform!
The band teacher at Hingham High School, Mr. Cincotta, organized the Singer-songwriter Showcase. Cincotta works tirelessly every year to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Students interested in performing may contact him, and; they will get the chance to share their skills with an audience!
One of the most interesting things about the Singer-songwriter showcase is the variety of music that students perform! Last Thursday, audience members were treated to heartfelt compositions about the effect of COVID on the lives of students, mournful pieces about the loss of high school romance, and a few songs that were internally unique to each student. Students played a variety of instruments including, guitar, ukulele, and piano. A student’s band even performed one of their original songs!
Hingham High School Junior Alyssa Chang discussed her experience performing for the first time at the Singer-songwriter showcase! She sang a song entirely acapella in a truly unique and moving performance. On the subject of the performance, Chang stated that “It was nerve-wracking because I kind of speed wrote the song a few days beforehand! But it was fun seeing everyone perform!” Chang later expressed an optimistic view about the future of the showcase stating that “I hope that next year [the showcase] will be in person. The songs that everyone performed were very deep and touching.” I agree with her about the quality of the performances, and I also hope that the showcase next year will be in person!
Another performer, junior Kaylin Ryan, described the importance of the showcase. Ryan stated that “[The showcase is] a way for the music community in the school to come together. Our hallway is a haven for so many people, but it’s hidden away for those who aren’t aware of the incredible talents that we and our teachers hold. The showcase is a way for many of those students to find a further sense of inclusion and community.” I completely agree with her assessment.
Choosing to perform in the singer-songwriter showcase my freshman year was one of the best choices I ever made at Hingham High School. It allowed me to show my talents to a group of supportive people who also shared my love for music and its composition. Hopefully, next year’s showcase will be even better than this one’s!