The Show Must Go On!


A Sweet Charity poster sparks excitement for the upcoming musical at HHS.

Delaney Coppola, Contributing Writer

The new school year has begun with the usual flurry of clubs, sports, and activities back in full swing. Among these exciting opportunities, the performing arts programs have reclaimed their place among HHS’s whirlwind of options. 

Unlike many other clubs and classes which adapted to the Covid protocols of the 2020-2021 school year, the drama and music programs remained unable to rehearse in full or conduct any in person performances including the fall musical and all music concerts. While students and teachers made the best of a tough time, it’s safe to say that drama, band, chorus, and orchestra participants are relieved and happy to be back to a more normal setting. 

With the summer flying by into fall, the Hingham High Drama Club announced “Sweet Charity” as this year’s musical and held auditions in the first weeks of school. Excited to work on this amazing performance, senior Leah May comments, “As a senior and co-president of the drama club, I am so excited for all of us to be back on stage! Working on Sweet Charity this Fall is such an amazing reminder to never take anything for granted, in-person performing included!”

The return to a more typical rehearsal and show allows  the community of the drama club to continue stronger than ever. As senior Kate Schembri reflects, “Welcoming new friendly faces to the drama program has been wonderful this year and we have already been able to form close bonds in the club now that things are finally returning back to normal. We are always looking to grow the Drama Club, so everyone should feel free to reach out to me for more info!” 

A highlight of the school year, Sweet Charity and the Drama Club’s hard work and enthusiasm will surely be a must-see this fall. Especially for the current seniors who have lost so many opportunities to perform, this musical will be a truly special experience for the performing arts program. 

In a similar fashion, the music programs have taken up their instruments and found their voices with unparalleled passion. With the upcoming October 19th Fall Concert steadily approaching, the band, chorus, and orchestra programs diligently prepare for their debut performance since the Winter Concert in December of 2019! A sophomore cellist in the orchestra program, Beatrix Boer, exclaims, “I’m so happy to be playing in a full orchestra again and I’m really looking forward to having my first high school concert!”

Along with concerts, the easing restrictions have also allowed for the music programs annual trip to re-open. A favorite experience of many music students, this year’s trip entails a memorable 3 days in Nashville, Tennessee filled with music, food, friends, and fun. Senior Caroline Bastardi’s excitement shines through as she explains, “Ever since 3rd grade, I have been looking forward to going on an orchestra trip and I can’t believe that I’m finally doing it. After the crazy high school experience we’ve had, Nashville is going to be a nice present to all of us.”

As many new faces join the ranks of the music and drama programs since their last performances in 2019, the exciting atmosphere of new friends and musical bonding fills the school with a light and life that was so missed last year. With so many talented individuals, this year’s performance arts events will bring the liveliness of music and drama back to Hingham High. As the upcoming concerts and shows draw nearer, be sure to mark your calendars for these unmissable events!