The Aftermath of the California Oil Spill


David McNew

Clean up crews set up different devices to help the clean up process go by faster.

Cassidy McCabe, Contributing Writer

On October 1st, 126,000 gallons of oil was discovered to be leaking into the ocean near California coasts. Huntington Beach, commonly known as “Surf City USA”, was deeply affected by this incident, causing numerous clean up crews to be called to the scene to assess and fix the damage. Investigators were also called upon to theorize the cause of the spill, leading to the conclusion that a boat anchor had snagged a pipeline at the bottom of the water, pulling it as it discharged oil in its trail. Many negative outcomes came from the leaking oil, including the harm done to the wildlife, the affects the substance had to the sentiment of the beaches, and the shutting down of public areas that tended to be largely populated. In the end, different crews are still working on the damage caused, and final information on the matter will be released for the public soon.