Harry Styles Comes to Boston

Josie Pappone, Contributing Writer

On October 25, 2021, former One Direction member, Harry Styles, performed at the TD Garden in Boston, part of his Love on Tour tour. Several HHS students attended the concert which happened to be on a Monday night. Despite feeling fatigued the next day, junior Sophi Mogtader explains, “I am willing to get 3 hours of sleep every day if it means I get to see Harry perform.” Attending the concert myself, I observed the plethora of people that showed up. Whether they were a fan of Harry since his One Direction debut or he caught their attention with his newest album, Fine Line, fans showed their support with posters, cardboard cutouts, etc. Throughout the concert, over-enthusiastic fans were throwing various items in Harry’s directions such as hats, flowers, flower hats, flags, and anything else one can deem imaginable. 

Of course, being the fashion icon he is, Harry Styles fans did not disappoint in the aspect of fashion. The crowd was full of the newest, trendiest clothing. Some attempted to recreate some of Harry’s past outfits, for example, many took inspiration from his Met Gala 2019 outfit with black lace and mesh details. While some took a more practical approach to fashion, others were willing to do anything possible to capture his attention. I was shocked to see so many people dressed as fruits, several watermelons likely paying tribute to his song “Watermelon Sugar.” Additionally, there were several people dressed as cherries or wearing cherry detailed pieces such a

s earrings, jewelry, etc, likely inspired by his song “Cherry.”

Harry performed several songs, not only limiting himself to his most recent album, Fine Line. He included songs from his 2017 Harry Styles album such as “Sweet Creature” and the iconic “Sign of the Times,” bringing several of his zealous fans to the brink of tears. As described by junior Sadie Neidecker who went to the concert as well, “My favorite part was either when he performed ‘Only Angel’ or ‘Fine Line’ because they are my favorite songs and I was freaking out. The entire show was like an out-of-body experience for me, and I can’t even believe it even happened.” The same conclusion was made by several attendees of the show, describing the entire night as dreamlike and out of this world.