Rising Inflation Expected to Continue into 2022


Yahoo Finance

Prices are predicted to continue to rise in 2022.

Elena Bryden, Contributing Writer

For the past year, inflation has been steadily rising, and for 2022, the trend seems no different. The prices for many things, like food and gas, are the highest they have been in decades.  

Prices, which have been driven up by things like supply chain shortages and a pandemic, are on the rise across the United States. Energy prices have risen by as much as 30%, food by 5.7%, and gas prices by 58.1%. Even the cost of sporting tickets has increased by about 28%. 

With rising prices extending to almost every aspect of everyday life, the effects have been disastrous for some. Rising food prices have become unaffordable for many, causing an increase in food insecurity, something that has disproportionately affected minority communities. As inflation continues, this problem is only expected to worsen.  

Experts predict that as Omicron cases rise, there will be a lasting impact on the economy in 2022, likely in the form of increasing inflation.  A recent Gallup poll determined that eight out of every ten Americans expect inflation to go up. 

Even at HHS, students have noticed the effects of the rising prices. Junior Abby Fortuin explained that she had heard that “if we need to get gas, get it soon because the prices are going up.” 

Similarly, Junior Grace Desai observed that “due to the current economic situation with inflation, it’s obvious that a lot of the gas prices have risen to unreasonable levels.” She continued, explaining how it has affected her personally, saying, “It becomes so much more noticeable as a high school student when a significant amount of your money is going to gas, which can get frustrating.” 

Her frustration is a common one, which is why President Biden has enacted a bill to help fight inflation. The social spending bill, enacted last Friday, aims to slow inflation by bolstering the economy.