HHS Celebrates its First Ever Unity Week!


Lora Malerbi

HHS Unity Project meets to plan and discuss the first ever annual Unity Week!

Susie Anderson, Contributing Writer

January 31 to February 4 this year will mark the first annual Unity Week, organized by the HHS Unity Project. With the beginning of Chinese New Year and Black History month, there is no better time to promote Hingham High School as a community that values equity, inclusion, and spirit. 

Each day of the week, students are encouraged to wear a different color to represent a particular community highlighted by the Unity Project. If students are unable to find a shirt or piece of clothing that matches that day’s theme, they are encouraged to pick up rainbow bins in the front hall when they come into school.


Monday, January 31: Disability Awareness

Students will wear purple to promote disability awareness. After the half-day, there is an open-mic night at 4 P.M. at the high school. So far, twenty-five total participants, faculty and students, have signed up to perform. Anyone and everyone interested in displaying their talent for musical performance, comedy, or poetry are encouraged to participate (warm up those vocals!). Students who aren’t participating but still want to cheer on their peers are more than welcome.


Tuesday, February 1: Celebrating Community 

Wearing green will symbolize a celebration of community within the high school and beyond. Throughout the day, high school students will travel to local elementary schools and read books to classes. Reading from a variety of authors, the Unity Project hopes to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the community, celebrating the beginning of Black History Month and the Chinese New Year.


Wednesday, February 2: Mental Health Awareness

Students will wear yellow to promote mental health awareness. After the half-day, the HHS cafeteria will be transformed into a movie theater. By popular vote of the student body, Encanto is the movie of choice being aired at 7 PM. A Bring Your Blanket event, the movie experience was organized in collaboration with Diversify Our Narrative and at Film Club. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to bring packs of water or soda. Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to contribute a box of individually packed candy or snacks. 

Junior Sherry Sze is “very excited to kick off the week with movie night. It’s a half-day so everyone should come!” Points from the Big Red app will be distributed for attendance at the movie night. Once accumulated, points on the app are redeemable for a larger prize.


Thursday, February 3: LGBTQ+ Support

Thursday, orange day, is dedicated to the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. Immediately after school, HHS Gay-Straight Alliance is holding a meeting too. At 7 PM, there is an all-town chorus concert at the middle school, yet another opportunity throughout the week for students to strengthen their community.

Junior Jasper Q Lee, the school council representative of the Unity Project, shares that “We’ve got a lot of affiliated groups holding events of their own. There’s a lot of interesting events for the groups and you should go to them!”


Friday, February 4: Cultural Diversity

The week will culminate with a celebration of cultural diversity in Hingham red. The Unity Dance will last from 8 – 10 PM, after the boys’ basketball game. Tickets for the dance are $5 and proof of purchase allows free admission to the basketball game! Tickets will be available for sale starting Monday and through Friday during all lunches.


Unity Week offers an easy and exciting opportunity to take part in the HHS community. HHS Student Council will distribute points to members who participate in Unity Week, such as dressing up for each color day and sending a picture to the STUCO Instagram. There is perhaps a no better way to approach a brand new semester than as a unified school community.