Fashion Tip Style Guide


Christian Vierig

A look that incorporates color and texture to elevate the outfit.

Kate DiBartolomeo, Contributing Writer

Feeling like you have “nothing to wear” or that an outfit “just isn’t right” is a universal feeling. Anyone can empathize with the sensation of not liking their outfit, but not everyone knows how to fix the problem. So I’ve compiled a list of my five most important tips to take your outfit the extra mile. 

The 8 point rule 
The 8 point rule is my guiding principle when building an outfit. The 8 point rule is a point system for any outfit. You count each element and accessory in your outfit (you want to have about 5 for a simple look, 8 is the sweet spot, and 9 or 10 for something extra). Each clothing article may count for a different number of points. Essential items like a plain t-shirt or jeans count for 1 point (just about anything that isn’t a statement piece is one point). Statement pieces (like garments with bright colors, striking patterns, and other unique characteristics) count for two. If you chose to do something creative with your outfit (let’s say, for example, a monochrome look), I would count the monochrome as a point since it’s an element that adds to the overall look. Matters may go toward other features that aren’t necessarily articles of clothing. For example, if you choose to wear a bold hairstyle or makeup look, you can allocate points to these. 

Accessorizing with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and any other pieces of jewelry can entirely transform an outfit and your confidence while wearing it. Jewelry adds an extra element to an outfit to help you reach 8 points when using the 8 point plan. Jewelry also accentuates your natural beauty. When asked about how often she wears jewelry, Junior Lizzie Beyer had this to say,” I never leave the house without earrings in. They’re a necessity.” Earrings help add symmetry to your face and bring focus to your eyes. Necklaces bring attention to the neck and chest area and alter the appearance of your height. Jewelry helps refine an outfit by adding extra bling and gives individuals even more creative initiative with their appearance. 

Similarly to jewelry, accessories like bags and glasses add a point to your outfit. Bags improve the functionality of an outfit overall by providing a place to store necessary items. Glasses serve to protect your eyesight in conjunction with enhancing your outfit. Different colored bags and glasses can also help tie the shades of an outfit together or add a pop of color where it was otherwise missing before. Fun colored socks or socks with exciting texture or patterns also aid in the variety of an outfit or improve the niche appearance. Accessories can add, tie together, and add function to a visually pleasing outfit. 

Layering enormously facilitates an outfit’s function while elevating its appearance. Items like a leather blazer, a coat, or an undershirt regulate the wearer’s temperature while improving the appearance of their clothing. Layering takes a remarkable eye to do right, so if you can accomplish this task with skill, it’s a subtle boast as to your fashion sense. Layering is also a great way to enhance your body. Sometimes you don’t want to wear something skin-tight, and you don’t have to in order to come off fashionably. Since layering is such a refined skill, it’s just as impressive as dressing in a bold figure-hugging outfit. Some pointers to start layering are putting thinner items toward your body and thicker away. Also, keep lighter colors toward your body and darker on the outside of the outfit, and try not to surpass three layered items to avoid looking frumpy. 

Color Scheme
Lastly, color is a great way to enhance any outfit. Putting pieces together that are all the same or very similar colors boldens an otherwise dull outfit. Pairing two unlikely colors together is a great way to take a risk. Removing color and wearing neutrals like black, white, gray, and beige can help you convey seriousness. Dressing in all neutrals with colorful accessories is an attention grabber to show off your most loved accessories. Not only is color fun to play with, but specific colors can affect your mood and, in turn, improve your confidence. When asked about how she incorporates color into her clothes, Junior Mathilde Megard revealed,” I like to coordinate the colors of my top with the accents on my shoes; it makes me feel put together.” Dressing in appropriate colors highlights your skin tone and hair color, as well as your eyes and even makeup. Color is a medium through which you can convey your mood and creativity with your outfit. 

The steps needed to take your outfits to the next level aren’t challenging to accomplish and are not generally well understood. However, simple changes and techniques like putting on earrings, adding a shoulder bag, and counting the elements of your outfit are time-effective improvements to your day-to-day outfits.