Mary’s Deli Open for All Five Days


Prank Donuts disguised as a bagel, a meatball sub and a cheeseburger from Donut King.

Ava Malloy, Contributing Writer

April Fools!

Unfortunately, Mary’s Deli in the Hingham High School cafeteria is still only open from Monday-Wednesday. Check out the deli during your next lunch for a fresh and delicious sandwich made to order. Just make sure it is not a Thursday or Friday.

Now onto the topic of this article — April Fools Day. An unofficial holiday celebrated by playing jokes on friends and family. From whoopie cushions to more elaborate and detailed jokes, this holiday is sure to be fun. Everyone is always ecstatic once the long month of March ends and the sun shines until 7 pm. What better way to celebrate than planning pranks and making others smile.

Classic pranks never fail to create laughs, as senior Colleen Johnston remarks, “my favorite April Fools prank is seran wrap on the toilet seat”. Simple pranks that do not involve a lot of time or materials are perfect for April Fool’s day. Similarly, senior Kathryn Feeley appreciates a classic prank as she explained, “My favorite prank to play is changing the times on the clock”. This practical joke will fool just about anyone.

Not only can jokes be made to trick friends but businesses and celebrities love to join in on the fun. Even local businesses participated in this unofficial prank-filled holiday. The Donut King in Weymouth is a popular place students love when in need of a sweet treat. They created prank donuts that resembled savory foods such as cheeseburgers, meatball subs, and everything bagels. A great way to support a local business while also tricking a friend or family member. Imagine you think you are biting into a juicy burger, but in reality, it is a chocolate honey-dipped donut sandwiched between two more donuts, disguised as a bun. Who would not enjoy this prank! I would take a donut over a burger any day.

Patriots fans weren’t too happy when Julian Edelman played a prank of his own. Edelman, a former wide receiver for the Patriots, tweeted that he was signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With the caption “on to the next chapter,” some fans felt betrayed that the retired player would join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. Many fans understood the joke, but others didn’t with remarks such as naming the team The Tampa Bay Patriots.

Detailed pranks can take longer, as Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel created a practical jokes that took years to be played out. On Friday night, Jimmy Fallon hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live” while Jimmy Kimmel hosted “The Tonight Show”. Even in the studio audiences were surprised when the hosts were switched.

From simple pranks that make friends laugh to jokes on social media, April first is an unofficial holiday that brings out creativity and humor.