Seniors Enjoy Traditional Car Parade

Cheers rumbled throughout main street on Saturday, May 21, as the class of 2022 took part in the 3rd annual Hingham car parade. Originally created during the social distancing of Covid, the parade was extremely popular and looks to be a Hingham tradition for years to come.

Seniors each go four to a car and decorate it with their college destination or other future plans. The parade started at Hingham Middle School and finished at Hingham High School. Along the way, friends and family cheered with signs and waved as the cars passed by.

Hingham’s 2022 Senior Car Parade was an excellent display of school spirit, interconnectivity, and unity. Senior Andy Reid said “It was truly a sign that despite the ongoing pandemic, normal life as we knew it is just a stone’s throw away.”

Senior Aiden Murray added “I thought  the parade was fantastic. I had no idea that there were that many cars!”

Hingham’s 2022 Senior Car Parade encapsulated the school spirit, leadership, and excellence that this senior class brought to HHS. Not only was the parade a success, it transcended the traditional parade by not having a set place to finish, thus leaving students to utilize independence, individuality, and creativity to conjure their own path to the finish line.

Senior Damien Doyle appreciates that the parade went off without a hitch, saying “I would like to thank all HHS students and staff for their cooperation during this event.”