Luxury Fashion Conglomerate, Kering, goes Fur-Free

Kate DiBartolomeo, Contributing Writer

In a statement issued Friday, CEO and chairman François-Henri revealed it’s time the Luxury Fashion giant discontinues the use of real animal fur. Kering is the parent company of nearly every major fashion brand, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few. The movement away from genuine animal furs began at Gucci in 2017. The brand cited its value of “social responsibility” as the driving motivation behind its decision. 

Two years after Gucci eliminated the use of animal fur, the entirety of all Kering businesses were responsible for following a newly published set of “animal welfare standards.” The standards posted at the time outline rules for how all animals must be treated when used to make a Kering product. Now, in 2022, Kering has wholly eliminated any genuine animal fur from their products with the hope of making fashion a more morally responsible industry. 

I wholeheartedly agree with François-Henri’s statement: “The world has changed, along with [their] clients, and luxury naturally needs to adapt to that.” As an individual who has quit eating meat and is building a more ethical wardrobe, I’m thrilled to see significant corporations working to make a change. The significance of big fashion brands changing their ways sets a precedent for rising businesses.

 In addition, setting the expectation that animal fur is unacceptable will discourage companies of smaller sizes from partaking in any cruel production methods. 

I am not the only person excited about the change. Junior Lizzie Beyer expressed her excitement: “When I was in middle school, we watched a video in class about animal cruelty. Ever since I’ve tried to remain conscious of my impact on animals.” 

Junior Ava Knight expressed,” I see girls wearing Canada Goose jackets, and it makes me sick because those materials came from innocent creatures.” 

Hopefully, the initiative of luxury brands to move away from animal fur will encourage the rest of the market. As an animal lover who loves fashion, Kering’s decision to stop using animal fur is encouraging.