Welcome Back, HHS!


Rick Swanson

HHS comfort dog Opry welcomes students at Freshman Orientation.

Elena Bryden, Contributing Writer

With the first full week of school officially underway, Hingham High School’s students and faculty are ready for another educational and fun year! Hingham High School welcomed its newest class of students, the class of 2026, with the annual Freshman Orientation and Club Fair on September 1. Guided by their upper-class mentors, the class of 2026 received a joyful introduction to Hingham High School.

The Club and Activities Fair featured tables from a variety of groups, including People of Color and Allies Club (POCA), Diversify Our Narrative (DON), Books and Banter, as well as many of the school’s athletic teams. This week, as the school year takes off, students will have the opportunity to take part in the more than 50 clubs that are a part of the HHS Community. Find the full list here. 

So far, HHS freshman Ava Pappone is loving the high school, explaining that there is “definitely more freedom and classes are more interactive, but it can be a little chaotic.” 

For the senior class of 2023, this new school year is an exciting time as well. Senior Sherry Sze has mixed feelings about it, saying “being a senior feels so surreal. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman who took three weeks off from school because of COVID-19, and suddenly I’m at the precipice of graduating!” Her continued thoughts express a popular sentiment within the senior class. She notes, “It would be a lie to say I’m not stressed and scared, but at least to me, I’m super proud of myself and my peers for working so hard and persevering through all our challenges.”

Other new changes at HHS; the introduction of a late bus starting 9/12. The two late buses depart from the high school at 3:30 pm. Find the route here. 

This year, Hingham welcomes many new faculty. Among them Superintendent Dr. Margaret Adms, Fine Arts Director Joann Bellis, and HHS Vice principal Mrs. Nosek. 

For HHS students: don’t forget to look out for Opry and Taco, Hingham’s two comfort dogs!