Hingham Wins the Boston Globe Holmes Award Yet Again


Lucas Mangili

View of Hingham playing Whitman-Hansen on Friday, September 30th from the top of the student section.

Lucas Mangili, Contributing Writer

For the fourth year in a row, Hingham High School won the Boston Globe Holmes Award. This was announced to the students at the Hingham High School pep rally by athletic director James Quatromoni on September 23rd, a day before homecoming. The Boston Globe Holmes award is given to the school with the highest win percentage for all varsity sports combined throughout the school year. This award is specific to Holmes Division 2 sports.

Principal Swanson, expressed how proud he was about winning the award and that it “reflects the student body as a whole.” As a baseball coach, he sees great value in a successful athletic program. A great athletic program can help students be more active and discover new interests in the form of sports. Mr. Swanson also emphasized that he saw the award as, “a great source of pride for the school.”  One way that students show pride in the athletic program is through the Red Army. This is Hingham Highschool student section; they attend most varsity sports games and are the life of the party.

“Winning the award reflects how HHS athletics have a winning and competitive environment,” says Jeremy Alyward, a junior on the varsity football and baseball team. Hingham introduces sports to kids early with many youth programs that introduces them to a variety of sports, one of the most popular sports being lacrosse. He feels an athlete needs a supportive system to properly thrive in their respective sports and “great coaches and student dedication” is one of the main factors of this. 

Hingham has earned the best overall record for all varsity sports combined for the fourth year in a row.  This demonstrates Hingham’s winning and competitive environment. It also reveals the school’s great pride in its sports and the award confirms the focus and dedication to making the program as successful as possible. Students are encouraged to show up and cheer on their classmates and teammates as Hingham strives to become the Holmes award winners for the fifth year in a row.