HHS Freshman Trivia Night Recap


Annie Vogelmann

Trivia night held in the HHS cafeteria on Tuesday Night.

Annie Vogelmann, Managing Editor

This past Tuesday, October 25, the Mentor Program hosted a successful Trivia Night for the third year in a row. Trivia Night has become an exciting tradition at Hingham High. In addition to the trivia and Halloween right around the corner, attendees were told to wear their best costumes. The best costume(s) won the prize of $30. The prize was split between two of the groups. The groups for Trivia Night were formed through mentors of the Mentor Program and their freshman mentees; there were 5 groups participating in total. 

Freshman Caitlin Patten described the event as “a great way to spend the night!” Caitlin also said that her “favorite part was discussing the answers with my team and we dressed up which was fun!”

During the contest, Mr. Louchheim, the advisor of the Mentor Program, relayed the questions and tallied the points of each group. After each question was asked, Jeopardy music played. Students wrote down their answers on whiteboards, and when time ran out, whiteboards were instructed to be raised all at once; points awarded to each group’s correct answer. 

Many correct answers were given, although some popular tough questions for most groups were: “How many bones does a shark have?” “How many members in the Korean boy-band BTS?” “What river runs through Paris?” 

The last question of the night was the Final Jeopardy question: “What country has the highest life expectancy of over 65 years old?” Answer: Japan. As a result, every group got this answer correct. 

The winning group was team Gee-raffs, consisting of Jack Durso, Sam Duggan, Annabelle Platt, Audrey Nolan, Will Monroe, and a few other mentors. The prize they received was $50. 

Freshman Jack Durso expressed that “having a large team probably helped, because every person had one question that was a random fact most people probably wouldn’t think of, but that person happened to know the answer, which led to us eventually winning. Overall, it was a great time.” 

As for the costume contest, some notable ones included: a banana, pickle, witch, devil, field hockey players, sloth, and a tiger. The two teams that split the prize for best group costumes plan to use the money for their mentor group outings to either Nona’s or the Shake Shack opening this Friday (October 28th) at Derby Street Shoppes. 

The Mentor Program will hold a Trivia Night next year as well for the next incoming freshman class.