“Takin’ It Back”: Megan Trainor’s Most Vulnerable Album Yet


Megan Trainor

Megan Trainor’s newest album came out October 21

Lauren Weber, Contributing Writer

Filled with poppy and upbeat music that was most notably present on her first album, Meghan Trainor published her first studio album on October 21st titled “Takin’ It Back’.’

The album includes 16 tracks, each containing beats that produce rhythmic sounds, which Trainor loves to create in Spatial Audio. Tracks such as “Made You Look” and “Shook” articulate Trainor’s support for body positivity and equality. However, although most of the songs sound relatively upbeat and fun, underneath the sound are sensitive and vulnerable lyrics that Meghan Trainor personally wrote. 

The first song on the album is titled “Sensitive,” in which Trainor opens up about how people often “take [her] kindness for weakness.” She addresses her isolating and fearing emotions and is not afraid to hide them, even though crying and expressing vulnerability can often be deemed as overreacting. Additionally, the song “Superwoman” is a heartfelt message to her family and herself, pouring out her internal feelings and doubts about the person and mother she has become. Her lyrics expose how she desires to achieve her goals as a mother and artist, however she is not embarrassed to admit that her capability to multi-task is not perfect.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Meghan explains the meaning behind her titles: “These songs are like, ‘Y’all, I’m struggling. This is real, but we’re all in this together.’” Trainor made her lyrics not just personal to herself, but wanted them to show support to others who might struggle with the same emotional hardships of life. 

A day before the album release, Meghan released a surprise music video for one of her singles “Made You Look.” Filled with color, decorative props, as well as featuring many social media stars, including Remi Bader and Jojo Siwa, the video racked up over 5 million views in its first week on YouTube. 

Over the past year, Trainor has gained a large following on social media, with her biggest growth happening on TikTok, where she now has over 13 million followers. Two of her singles from her latest album, “Made You Look” and “Don’t I Make It Look Easy,” have gone viral on the platform, which prompted the album to the younger users of social media. Junior Erata Tureviciute expressed: “ I have seen Meghan Trainor on TikTok. She makes videos with her songs in the background and I know them pretty well now.” Meghan Trainor’s consistency on TikTok has acted as her biggest album promotion because the platform familiarized her songs with millions of viewers.