SUV Crashes into Hingham Apple Store


Greg Derr / Patriot Ledger

The Derby Street Apple Store closed off by Police after an SUV drove through it on November 21.

Josie Pappone, Contributing Writer

One is dead and more than 20 others are injured after a man crashed his Toyota 4Runner into the Apple Store at the Hingham Derby Street Shops on November 21, 2022. The driver claims that his foot got stuck and he was unable to stop the vehicle. However, some people find this to be a puzzling pretext, one being senior Mathilde Megard who says, “It is hard to believe that his foot got stuck on the gas pedal yet he was going that fast. I have done that before and my car jolted a bit, but it was nowhere near fast enough to smash through a wall. You need a lot of force to do that.”
Regardless of exactly how the incident happened, the car is said to have accelerated over the sidewalk and into Apple’s glass wall at an alarming speed. This supposed accident has taken a toll on the lives of many. New Jersey native, Kevin Bradley, lost his life at the scene. Bystanders recalled seeing  uninjured Apple workers tending to those hit by the car before the arrival of authorities.
The perpetrator was arrested shortly after the incident and charged with motor vehicle homicide as well as reckless operation of said motor vehicle. He now resides in Barnstable Jail and has yet to pay his $100,000 bail. Although little has been confirmed about the driver’s intentions, some HHS students like Alex Kennedy describe, “I’ve heard rumors that he was an ex-employee at Apple.” However, police claim the driver was not under the influence and he has no serious criminal record. The driver’s lawyer claims that the crash was nothing more than an “awful accident” and her client had no intention to cause harm.
Many reaped the consequences of the accident, whether it was accidental or not. The victims were rushed to hospitals with a wide span of injuries. Doctors and first responders at South Shore Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, as well as Boston Medical Center explain that some victims may be at risk of losing limbs due to severe damage from the crash. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, paid his respects by visiting the many crash victims at South Shore Hospital. Despite this horrific event, hospitals confirmed that the living victims of the crash are making their way, slowly, but steadily towards recovery.

Following the crash, the Apple Store at Derby Street in Hingham bore a massive hole in its glass storefront. (Greg Derr / Patriot Ledger)