Hey Hingham, Where’s the Snow?

The accumulation of snow following a nearly three-foot snow storm back in 2015

Will Sartor

The accumulation of snow following a nearly three-foot snow storm back in 2015

Will Sartor, Contributing Writer

As the winter season draws to a close, many Hinghamites are left to wonder where all the snow has gone. Despite several snowy days throughout January and February, there has been little to no lasting snow nor large storms this season. 

Although the last couple years did not have significant snowfall over the winter either, this year has had far and away the least. Compared to years such 2015, in which all of eastern Massachusetts received many feet of snow, estimates of snowfall in Boston this year have the total at a measly 10.9 inches, according to Extreme Weather Watch. 

For students, this means there has yet to be a beloved snow day this year, the closest to which being a two-hour delay on February 28th. The proposition of a year without snow days is a divisive idea among students, with some valuing th

There has been little to no lasting snow this year (Will Sartor)

e surprise time-off compared to others who recognize that fewer snow-days means fewer make-up days in June. Owen Weinstein, a sophomore at Hingham High, prefers the latter, saying that, “I probably prefer the summer over the winter, so if I had to choose between a snow day or no snow day, I’ll take no snow day, so there’ll be more free time in summer.”

Although some are able to see the benefits in regards to minimal snow, the lack of snow has brought challenges to those who play winter sports. Owen, a skier, notes this as well, stating that, “Skiing around here hasn’t been taht good this year because there’s been hardly any snow.” Tony Cicerone, a sophomore who’s part of the HHS ski team, corroborated that, saying that, “Most of the time its not really an issue, but past years were definitely better.” 

Despite it now being March, the possibility of last-minute snow can’t be ruled out, as as years prior have shown, sometimes some of the largest snow storms of the year can roll through in March. Temperatures and weather have been unpredictable this year, such as it reaching up to 60 degrees in the midst of February. Looking to the other end of the spectrum, who’s to say that perfect snowy conditions can’t pop up in March?