LSU Beats Iowa in NCAA Women’s Championship Game


Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Coach Kim Mulkey lifts the trophy as she celebrates with LSU

Rachel Patel, Contributing Writer

On April 2, 2023, 9.9 million people tuned into ESPN to watch the NCAA Women’s College Basketball Championship, making it the most viewed women’s college basketball game in history. The match was between the Louisiana State University Tigers and the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. The game ended with a LSU victory of 102 – 85, but it was an intense fight throughout.

While the game started in Iowa’s favor, LSU caught up and was able to maintain the lead for most of the game with Iowa close behind. By the second half of the match, LSU ran away with the win as Iowa fought to keep up. LSU’s 102 was the highest scoring game in championship history, as well as Iowa’s 85 being the highest for a losing team’s record. 

LSU head coach Kim Mulkey commented on the win by telling reporters “Year 2, and hoisting this trophy is crazy.” Mulkey had been promoted to head coach the previous year and was an assistant coach before. LSU forward Angel Reese had transferred to the school from Maryland that season, and her addition to the team greatly impacted the positive outcome for LSU. Reese was named the most outstanding player for the Final Four

For Iowa, most of the attention was on guard Catlin Clark. Clark had been consistently scoring 30+ points throughout the tournament, making the championship no different with 30 points scored. HHS student Nora Andrews talks about Clark’s talent by mentioning that “[Clark] is one of the reasons women’s basketball is becoming more and more popular.” Clark’s sharpshooting and showboating has driven people to enjoy the women’s tournament more.

Women’s sports have historically been underrepresented, but this season’s tournament has created media buzz, especially with stars Reese and Clark playing each other in the championship. Throughout the season, the players were known for their taunting which boiled over as they fought in the final. 

Another HHS student Nora Schulze talks about the rise in popularity by saying “it’s important that women’s sports get recognized the same as the men’s, especially when women’s sports have been historically underrepresented.” Misogyny is deeply rooted in the sporting industry, but with up and coming athletes like Reese and Clark, women’s sports are receiving more attention and helping women’s basketball become more popular in the long run. 

This year’s March Madness can help women’s basketball be recognized for the talented players throughout the league.