Spring 2023’s National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


S. Vogelmann

The Junior NHS members taking the membership pledge with candles lit.

Annie Vogelmann, Managing Editor

On Tuesday, April 11th, the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony was held in the HHS auditorium. The induction ceremony congratulated 129 Seniors on upholding their duties and the four pillars of their membership: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. 87 Juniors became full-fledged members of the NHS through a membership pledge and candlelight interlude. 

The ceremony started with the NHS members of the HHS Orchestra/Band playing. The conductor and orchestra teacher, Ms. Phaedre Sassano, led the students through playing Crusaders’ March by G.F. Handel. Although these members were given short notice about performing that night, they all played beautifully nonetheless. 

NHS’s prior President, Olivia Halle, welcomed guests and students and then introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Brian Cincotta, the music teacher. The speech had a mix of comedic, passionate, and inspirational words, creating an extremely engaging and enjoyable speech. Although he was the first to be the guest speaker at a Hingham NHS Induction that wasn’t a core-class teacher, he successfully created a welcoming atmosphere within the crowd and students alike. 

Simran Vaishnava, a Junior and new member of NHS, expressed, “My favorite part was probably hearing from Mr. Cincotta. While I never took band myself, I’ve always admired the few interactions I had with his sense of humor. He lived up to my expectations, coming across as a witty and charismatic speaker.”

Next, the Seniors’ favorite and most inspirational teachers were recognized, including Señora Turner, Mr. Minihane, Monsieur Porter, and many more. 

Mrs. Shaw, HHS’s National Honor Society Advisor, then introduced the current members (the Seniors) of the chapter. The Seniors made their way to the stage where a certificate and a graduation pin were given to them by HHS’s Principal, Rick Swanson, and the two Assistant Principals, Nicole Nosek, and Nicole Piantes. 

The time finally came for the new members to get inducted. The President, Olivia Halle; Vice President, Sherry Sze; Secretary, Grace Desai; and Treasurer, Caroline Schiffmann each gave a speech on the four pillars—Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character—respectively. 

The new members each received a certificate and congratulations from the Principals. It was then time for the students to light each other’s candles, passing the flame from one to the next. During this still moment, Senior member, Nathen Tesler, played tranquil music on the piano. Olivia Halle led the new members in reciting the membership pledge, followed by the students blowing out their candles. 

Finally, the Senior Executive Board members passed down their positions to the Juniors who were elected by their fellow NHS members. Nora Andrews was named the new President, Sophie Kerr as the Vice President, Chase Boles as the Secretary, and Tadd Cavanaugh as Treasurer. 

Current Junior and President of NHS, Nora Andrews, was excited to share her thoughts: “I am so honored to join our chapter because I know how important the organization is in our school community, as well as our broader Hingham community. I am so happy to be NHS president and I can’t wait to start helping out and making a difference!” 

After closing remarks, the past and present members exited the auditorium with the orchestra and band playing Sarabande by G.F. Handel. Greetings to all of the new members, and good luck and farewells to this past year’s members of Hingham High’s Chapter of the National Honor Society.