Hingham and Falmouth High Schools Travel to Argentina


Killian La Tanzi

Massive obleisk at the center of Buenos Aires

Killian La Tanzi, Contributing Writer

Over the past week, 9 Hingham Students and 20 Falmouth students made the journey to one of the most stunning countries in the world. Since November, Señora Malerbi, along with Mr. Malerbi, have been holding weekly meetings in preparation for the incredible trip planned for April break, going over all the essential points of information such as scheduling, items to bring, and important aspects of Argentina culture. 

On Saturday, April 15, the two groups met at Logan Airport, and departed for Argentina, making a very quick layover in Dallas, Texas. After about 13 hours of total flying, Hingham and Falmouth reached Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Santiago, the main tour guide for the trip, met the travelers in the airport and explained some facts about his country on the bus ride to the Tango Hotel.

The two groups fit in quite the array of activities, tours, and meals within the 4 day span of staying in Buenos Aires, including a guided tour of the city: A hired local showed the students the beauty of the monuments in the city, such as the enormous obelisk (Obelisco) that dominates the central square, or “La Casa Rosada”, home of the president of Argentina. Each traveler also learned about inflation when they exchanged their dollars for Argentine Pesos due to the fact that 1 US dollar is worth about 420 pesos. Other highlights from Buenos Aires include eating at a few prestigious restaurants that serve traditional Argentine dishes, most notably the steak and empanadas. Also, a day trip to a ranch with Gauchos (Argentine cowboys) to learn, ride horses, and eat some delicious BBQ. Finally, exploring a small town outside the city, called Tigre, where an hour-long boat tour provided an unforgettable experience, as well as showed the travelers some more natural beauty of Argentina. Falmouth Senior Anna Velesig said that her favorite part of the stay in Buenos Aires was “getting to try the amazing food and spending time with [her] new friends from Hingham.”

Following four days well spent in the nation’s capital, the second leg of the trip would commence when HHS and Falmouth made the journey to Iguazú, a city about 600 miles north of Buenos Aires. Upon arrival, the two groups got the opportunity to explore the Wildlife Refuge, home to numerous species found in the Jungle that envelops Iguazú. Howler monkeys, anteaters, vipers, vultures, Ocelots, and Jaguars are only a few of the many types of animals that are found here.

The final activity of the trip, and the most unique and unforgettable by far was the trip through Iguazú falls. The group walked the boardwalk overlooking the breathtaking waterfalls of Iguazú, one of the natural wonders of the world, and did not remain dry by any means. After a quick lunch break, the fun really began, as it was time to board a boat and drive through the waterfalls themselves. The ride was incredible, and everyone got drenched. The captain masterfully weaved through the millions of pounds of water falling, revealing some of the most stunning scenery one could imagine. Hingham Sophomore Alex Levy described his experience as “one of the coolest things [he] has ever seen”, and also stated that he “loved standing at the top of the waterfalls and looking down”. 

Faster than it seemed, Saturday arrived, and the trip came to a close. I enjoyed every minute of each adventure, as well as the opportunity to practice my spanish. Traveling to Argentina was a once in a lifetime event, and each chaperone was vital in making this happen, and making sure each student had the time of their lives. Hingham junior Dylan Drew summed up the week as “a very enriching and eye-opening experience that demonstrated how large the world is”.