Hingham High School Art Exhibit 2023


Collection by artist Clare Ryan By: Lauren Weber

Lauren Weber, Contributing Writer

On April 24th through the 27th, the annual HHS art exhibit once again masterfully showcased a wide variety of artforms by the school’s wonderfully creative art community. Most displayed pieces of artwork come from the class titled Art Portfolio and AP Ceramics, taught by the talented Mr. Doherty, who shared, “I look forward to this show every school year. It’s a great way for the students to show off their work. It also is fun for everyone to interact with each other and reflect on pieces they may not have seen before.” 

The Art Show ran for three nights and had open doors for any parent, student, or visitor. Additionally, classes also made special visits throughout the day to observe the pieces producing a greater attendance. The location in room 103 was convenient for students and faculty to express their support during school hours. 

Junior Valrie Lango who visited the show expressed, “I loved looking at everyone’s work. It was so impressive to see and I just have so much respect for everyone who put hard work in.” Students of HHS agree that the quality of the art produced by their peers expresses high levels of skill. 

Moreover, junior Hope Nelson stated, “After seeing all the displays I am so excited and inspired to start Art Portfolio next year.” Not only did the show display great work, but it also influenced aspiring artists to continue their high school art career. 

One artist, Ellie Estes, featured in the exhibit, was inspired by her numerous family members. She spent weeks, like her classmates, dropping in during her study classes and after school to complete her pieces. The students have a large variety of resources and freedom to express their ideas as an individual. As a whole, the show contained sculptures, paintings, drawings, and clay designs together in one display. Every visitor was able to discover something to their liking including large portraits that hung on the wall as well as small ceramic creations. 

The HHS art exhibit continues to be an exquisite collection of incredible works of art created by the hard working and local students of Hingham.