Warm Weather to Hingham as Students Finish AP Exams


Parker Bradl

A view of town square from the old ship church, where the ice cream shop Nona’s and several other venues attract many customers on hot days.

Parker Bradl and Annika Larsen

A view of town square from the old ship church, where the ice cream shop Nona’s and several other venues attract many customers on hot days. 

Hingham got a taste of summer this week, as temperatures soared into the 70s and 80s from Wednesday through Friday, just as the last AP exams were completed by students, and upperclassmen prepared for the Junior prom on Friday night. In addition, Breathe Out Day and the no homework weekend at the end of the week multiplied the relief felt by many students, especially evidenced by lively games of kickball played by the seniors (led by Mr. George) against younger students on the softball field in between blocks on Friday.

However, beyond school, anyone can enjoy the multitude of activities available in the South Shore now that the weather is improving after a long few months of the remnants of winter combating mother nature to resist the arrival of spring as long as possible. In the place of turbulent storms on the coast, there is now sunlight and beautiful horizons, where people can walk, admire the waves hitting the beaches, and, if you’re brave enough, venture into the still cold water for a frigid swim. Chris Hoppe, a sophomore at Hingham High, described one of his favorite places to go in the warm weather, sharing, “Nantasket Beach is a great place to go on a hot day-the waves coming up on the beach are so fun to swim through or even surf later on in the summer, and just walking on the beach you can see some great views.”

Other locations that are popular on hot days around Hingham include places that remain popular year round, such as Nona’s Homemade Ice Cream. Nona’s, founded in 2001, has been a favorite gathering place for Hingham residents over the past two decades. Joey Andrews, a sophomore at Hingham High, described his experiences with Nona’s over the past few years, saying, “Nona’s is such a nice place to go for great ice cream on hot days, or even cold days for its consistent good atmosphere and location in the center of town, so it’s often a no-brainer to go there when you’re looking for something good to do at any point in the year.” Another sophomore, Caroline Shelshy, says,  “One of my favorite places in Hingham to enjoy the scenery and get something to eat is Hingham Square and Nonas”, with the rise of weather, I have definitely seen more people outside in the Square- shopping, grabbing a bite to eat, and enjoying the sunshine. Caroline’s classmates, Clara Reive and Shannon O’connell  say one of their favorite spots locally is Worlds End for the walking paths and lively nature, and the giant rocks to jump off into the water on a hot summer day.

The excitement felt this week was an interesting microcosm of what usually doesn’t occur until the last few weeks of school, but a common sentiment seems to be that the latest weather forecast was a welcome surprise. Although there is still over a month of school left for non-seniors at HHS, the arrival of warm weather has given students a reminder of the summer fun that lies ahead after just a few more weeks of hard work at school.