Red Sox Season Update


Kenley Jansen earns his 400th career save against his former team, the Atlanta Braves. Credit: Julio Cortez

Lucas Mangili, Staff Writer

After a tough start to the season, the Red Sox are sitting in 4th place (as of 5/20/2023) in the AL East division, but this does not show the full picture. Their record of 25-20 would put them in first place if they were in the NL (National League) or AL (American League) Central division. The Sox were able to achieve this record with the help of breakout seasons from rookie Mazataka Yoshida (LF) and Alex Verdugo (RF) but also suffered many injuries including an elbow injury to pitcher Garret Whitlock and a hand injury to center fielder Adam Duvall. Another aspect that has been a problem for the Red Sox is the starting rotation. They had hoped that the addition of starting pitcher, Corey Kluber, and moving Garret Whitlock from the Bullpen over the offseason would help mask the lack of production from the rotation, but this is not the case. The rotation has found themselves struggling to get quality innings. Matt Rulli, a sophomore on the baseball team, was asked for his opinion on the Red Sox’s pitching situation. He expressed that, “ the bullpen is very solid… but in my opinion, the starters haven’t been able to deal as well as they were expected to”. The rotation is ranked 28th in the league in ERA with 5.64 runs per 9 innings despite these additions. Though there are many problems on the team, there is still optimism. The Red Sox feature one of the best bullpens in the league, a crucial part of sucess. Another part of their success so far this season is their stellar offense. Marcus Mangili, a co-founder of the Sports Management Club at Hingham Highschool, was asked what he sees as a strength on the team. Marcus thinks that “ When the offense gets rolling it’s hard to stop even with Dever’s down year in terms of getting on base”. The team has shown great strength in their batting lineup, ranking second in total hits on the season and first in total doubles. Their star player, Rafael Devers, is tied for the most home runs in the American League with 13, even though just posted a .264 batting average. The team also has a top 10 bullpen in the league and a possible hall of fame closer with Kenley Jansen. Overall, the Redsox have proved that they can be a competitive team in the MLB and will be very exciting to watch as this season continues.

Red Sox rookie Mazataka Yoshida celebrates hitting his first career home run in the MLB. Credit: Billie Weiss/Getty Images