HHS’s Global Citizenship Symposium


Annie Vogelmann

More students try out the lion costume.

Annie Vogelmann, Managing Editor

On May 17th, 2023, members of the Global Citizen Certificate Program gathered in the cafeteria for its annual symposium. This symposium includes presentations of the senior certificate members’ portfolios, as well as a ceremony awarding them with certificates. Following, the Gund Kwon Lion Dance Troupe held a cultural dance, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire GCP crowd. Junior Annie Mercurio offers her thoughts: “I loved the lion dance presented to us because I learned a new story from a different culture and I saw how that culture celebrates tradition!”  The Seniors’ projects and presentations showcased an array of unique topics relating to global cultures and international subjects. Junior Dylan Drew said, “I thought that the projects presented a wide variety of cultures with detailed descriptions in a convenient and organized manner that enriched my perspective and knowledge of many topics”. Featured projects are shown below in the gallery.