Harbormen Helping Hingham Day


Rick Swanson

A group of seniors having breakfast before they went off on the Harbormen Helping Hingham Day.

Kendall Devine, Contributing Writer

Over 300 Seniors participated in a grade wide “Hingham Harbormen Helping Day” last week on May 19, 2023. The seniors took part in a wide range of activities, including cleaning areas around the town, yardwork, gardening, helping in classrooms, helping senior citizens, and a variety of other services. Their efforts included helping in work sites like the Hingham Bathing Beach, the town’s elementary schools, and Downtown. 

They began their day with breakfast in the cafeteria of Hingham High School before they split off into groups accompanied by either a volunteer or staff member. The seniors spent the day completing jobs that would normally take one person multiple years to complete. 

Throughout their work, they also learned about others in their group and their own town. Many students were able to bond with others in their class they didn’t know as well, and strengthen those they already had. The seniors found this activity to be a good source of reflection on their career in the Hingham school system.

Chanel Morris, a senior who took on the role of a teacher’s assistant at Plymouth River School shared her opinion of the day, “Getting to spend all day with the kids really made us reflect on when we were their age, and just made the reality of graduating seem that much more real.” 

Furthermore, Andrew Baker, a senior who took part in gardening in East School stated, “I liked helping in the gardens, it felt good to give back to the community, and I got to play four square with the elementary school kids at recess, which was very nostalgic because it brought me back to my childhood.”

Overall, the seniors made a great impact on the community during their day of service. The elementary school students adored the older kids who came and spent their time with them; the senior citizens strongly appreciated their help; and many other groups around Hingham expressed their gratitude to the seniors that helped out. In preparation for one of the biggest changes of their lives, this group of students dedicated their day to servicing their town that has supplied them with so much, in hopes of giving back and making a class impact to their community.

Brendan O’Horo gets tackled by a group of Plymouth River Elementary School Students during recess. (Chanel Morris)