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Shining a light on Hingham news

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Shining a light on Hingham news

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How Students Feel About Being Assigned Parking Spots

A picture of the close lot and its proximity to the school

This school year, 2023/2024, Hingham High School has assigned parking spots to seniors and juniors in both close and far lots. In prior years anyone, with a pass, could park in the far parking lot, located past the tennis courts, and any senior, with a pass, could park in the close lot, located right next to the school. All parking spots were first come first serve, but due to complications, the school decided to assign them this year, meaning that only some of the seniors would be able to park in the close lot.

On the first day of school, September 5th, 2023, interested seniors entered a raffle to be eligible for a parking spot in the close lot. Then, about a week later, the raffle winners were announced via email leaving the winning seniors ecstatic. Logan Price comments on his lottery win, “I am very happy that I got a spot in close lot because it means my walk into and out of school is much quicker. I am also happy about assigned spots because it means that I can show up to school at whatever time I want without worrying about my spot being taken.”

However, several seniors who were not fortunate enough to receive a spot were very irritated. 

Senior Anna Keirnan expresses her frustrations, “I have been attending Hingham High School for all four years and have been waiting for my turn to park in close. My senior year, not only do I have to park in a spot inconvenient for me as I have to turn right when I leave school to get home, I also don’t get to participate in something that has always been a senior right of passage. Additionally I know of certain seniors who broke numerous parking rules last year but still got a spot in the close lot over those who have respected the rules of this school all four years.” 

Another point of frustration that affected many seniors was the fact that a pass to park in a close lot costs $80 this year, compared to $40 last year. Also, even to park in far lot there is a fee of $20 this year, when in prior years it was free. 

Stella Brazis comments on this price increase and spot assignments by stating, “I can’t believe that I had to pay 20 bucks for a far spot at a public school when in prior years it was free. Also, the far spots being assigned forces me to park in a spot inconvenient for myself, which especially irritates me when I arrive at school early for club meetings and both parking lots are mostly empty.”

 In the end, there are certainly some seniors who are loving this new system, and some who are not. Do you think this system is here to stay?

Two seniors, Stella Brazis and Anna Kiernan, who both did not receive a spot in the close lot.

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