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Seniors throwing their caps in the air after their graduation! Credits: Joshua Ross
Class of 2024 Graduation!
Katie Whitlock, Staff Writer • June 3, 2024

Hingham High School Set to Debut Six New Tennis Courts In Spring

In the spring of 2024, six new tennis courts at Hingham High School will become part of the athletic complex. Photo Credit: Ethan Warhaftig

For the past several years, cracks and bumps have formed at an increased rate on the Hingham High tennis courts. In a sport of inches like tennis, even minor imperfections have a major impact on the match, because they can radically alter the bounce of the ball, making it much more difficult to hit accurately. This, in turn, makes the match much harder to play, as at times it seems like one is playing against both the opponent and the court itself.

In 2022, the School Committee voted in favor of rebuilding the tennis courts. Although the price would be substantially higher, the committee voted to completely tear up the old courts and rebuild them with higher-quality post-tension concrete, instead of paving a new layer over the old courts. The benefit to this is the long life-span of the new courts. The rebuilt courts are set to last approximately 20-25 years before needing any significant maintenance. 

Construction began in June of 2023 and was completed in October. Nets and net posts have yet to be put in, though outdoor courts commonly have their nets removed through the winter months to avoid potential weather damage.

In a sport as mentally demanding as tennis, even if the physical difference of the court is not enormous, having the confidence of knowing exactly how the ball will bounce may be all a player needs to outplay his/her opponent. Boys Varsity Tennis Senior Captain Liam Arnold feels that, “these courts will give us an advantage as having the mindset of playing at home on fresh courts could boost a player’s mental performance during a match.” The boys and girls tennis teams have anywhere from 2-4 matches per week in the heat of the season, so feeling comfortable on home courts is imperative to success. 

Senior Captain Travis Rugg thinks that the new courts, “are going to be more fair for players.” More predictable bounces will make matches much more player versus player, and will greatly reduce unwanted variability. Rugg also adds that “Hingham will have more pride with such nice home courts.” 

The Girls and Boys Varsity schedules for spring 2024 can be found here:

Both teams are hoping for deep playoff runs with their talented rosters and look forward to a great season.

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