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How can the Patriots Save Their Franchise?

North Carolina Quarterback Drake Maye, and LSU Quarterback Jayden Daniels Credit: (JBaldera27)

The New England Patriots once again find themselves in the offseason tasked with bringing back their former glory after a rough season. However, this year, armed with the 3rd overall pick in the draft and 88 million dollars in cap space, the Patriots have to choose between 3 different scenarios to save their franchise.

Scenario 1: Select Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels with the #3 Pick

The Washington Commanders have the #2 pick in the draft and will likely take one of these players. Both options work well for the Patriots, but they are also vastly different players. Drake Maye, a 6’4 230 pound quarterback from North Carolina, posted two consistent years, with a freshman campaign of 4,300 yards. Maye shined in Carolina’s air raid offense and his ability to move the ball downfield will definitely benefit the Patriots next season. Heisman-winner quarterback Jayden Daniels could also be available at this spot after he posted 40 touchdowns for LSU last year. Daniels also stands at 6 ‘4 and is two years older than Maye, however, he is undoubtedly a playmaker whose refined skill set will transfer over well in the NFL. Both of these players are great selections; however, the Patriots leave generational receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. on the board.

Scenario 2: Patriots trade up in the draft and select Caleb Williams with the #1 Pick

Williams is definitely the best out of the three quarterbacks, and while his recent season may leave some people with doubts he still threw for 3,600 passing yards. Quarterback Caleb Williams from USC won the Heisman two years ago and is easily regarded as the next major talent of the NFL. Williams is the least mobile of the two but is easily the best improviser with the greatest arm. When asked about Williams sophomore Gavin Fabella replied, “A guy like Williams doesn’t come in every draft, this is a once-in-a-decade opportunity for the Pats” It is safe to say that Williams would be a franchise-turning player for the Patriots, however, they would have to give up some major assets to trade up for the #1 pick, including several key later round picks. However, Williams’ play may justify these tradeoffs if the Patriots could scoop up a high-talent wide receiver in free agency to give Williams a target. Calvin Ridley and Marquise Brown are both great future free-agent wide receivers that the Patriots could grab with their large-cap space.

Scenario 3: The Patriots select Marvin Harrison Jr. and acquire a new quarterback

Marvin Harrison Jr. is one of, if not the best college football receiver fans have ever seen in the last decade. Posting back-to-back 1,200 receiving yards and 14 touchdown seasons the 6’4 receiver was a monster at Ohio State. When asked about the Patriots’ options for the draft senior and Patriots fan Kevin Sullivan replied, “It would be criminal to pass up on Harrison” Harrison’s dad also was one of the all-time great receivers in the NFL. The major question for this option is what quarterback the Patriots get, however, there are many easy-to-obtain candidates. A great choice would be to trade for Commanders quarterback Sam Howell coming off an incredible sophomore campaign. Howell would be a great fit for the Patriots to get a quarterback for cheap because the Commanders will likely pick one up with the #2 spot in the draft. The Patriots could combine this acquisition by taking FSU quarterback Jordan Travis in the late rounds of the draft or trading for Stetson Bennett to create some training camp competition.

Correct choice: Scenario 3

While all three quarterbacks could become great options for the Patriots the fact remains that they have the worst receiving corps in the league. While there is a small chance that one of these three quarterbacks find success it won’t sustain for long. By taking Harrison the Patriots began a master three-year-plan to get back in the playoffs. They not only guarantee that they will win at least 6 -7 games this year they also give themselves a shot at finding a diamond in the rough franchise quarterback that will hopefully be able to lead their team for the future. While scenario 3 may be the long-term riskiest option for the Patriots they need to trend upwards from last season or else they may again find themselves in deep water for next year’s offseason.

Ohio State receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. celebrating a catch
Credit: (Arizona Sports)
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