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Helpful Tips for Getting Your Driver’s License

Some students take a bit more time before feeling comfortable driving on the  highway.
Photo taken by Robert Hanashiro. Website: USA TODAY.
Some students take a bit more time before feeling comfortable driving on the highway.

Each year several students at Hingham High School, especially sophomores and juniors, inch closer to earning their driver’s permits and licenses. Many students look forward to this opportunity; however, there are a lot of steps one must take to obtain it.

Drivers education is a course taken by all students under the age of 18 prior to obtaining a driver’s permit and license. In this course, which is 15 modules long, students are taught the laws of the state and how to drive safely. These classes can be taken in a single week or stretched out to one day on the weekend for several weeks.

Once completing this course students take an end of course exam to pass drivers ed successfully. This course and the exam must be taken before one can obtain their driver’s license, and it is often taken before the permit test. However, some students take the permit test before taking drivers’ ed.

Sophomore Ava Pappone notes, “I took my permit test before drivers’ education and passed, but after taking the drivers’ education course, I realized I would have felt even more prepared if I had taken drivers education before.” Therefore, although you can take your permit test before completing driver’s education, it is suggested that you take the test after for an easier and less stressful experience.

Once students turn 16 years of age, they can book an appointment to take their permit test. If a student does not pass the test the first time, they can retake it until they pass, but there is often a fee when retaking. Therefore, try to be prepared when you take the permit test the first time.

Once a student passes their permit test, the next step is getting enough driving hours to apply for a license. Before applying to be examined to obtain a driver’s license, students must have hours driving with their parents, in car driving lessons, and hours of observations. Although the exact amount of each of these can vary slightly by state, it is best to get started on them as soon as possible if you are eager to get your license. 

To get your driving license, you need to take a road test in which an examiner decides if you are ready for the responsibility of having a driver’s license. Once again, if you fail this test you may retake it, but you will need to pay a fee and there are often limits to how often it can be retook. Finally, once the student passes their driver’s test they need to wait before they can drive people outside their family, often six months. 

Once a student has obtained their driver’s license, they need to be aware of the responsibilities that come along with the freedom. Sophomore Ella O’Neill states, “Having my license is very exciting, but I always make sure to keep in mind the rules of the road and how to drive safely”.

Therefore, keep in mind that driving can be very dangerous and it is always best to take it slow and stay safe.

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