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Class of 2024 Graduation!
Katie Whitlock, Staff Writer • June 3, 2024

GSA offers a Safe Space for All

Members of the GSA shop for pride decorations on Amazon.
(Sophia Scott)

In all environments, but especially high school, a safe place for queer people is important to their overall well-being and mental health. Luckily, we have our own queer safe place right here at Hingham High. The HHS GSA, though attended by few, is appreciated by many and serves as a center of community and celebration for LGBTQ+ students. Overseen by Mr. Bagan in room 272, the GSA is open to all queer students and allies. 

Though multifaceted, the GSA mostly focuses on spreading awareness of LGBTQ+ topics and creating fun, important events for students. Some examples of this community outreach are the observation of the GLSEN Day of Silence, segments in the morning announcements, posters around school, and Queer Prom. 

Some of the less serious aspects of the GSA include the sharing of baked goods, member presentations on important queer leaders (historical and pop-cultural), drawing on Mr. Bagan’s ViewBoard, and general tomfoolery. 

As an active member of the GSA, I can testify to its relaxed atmosphere and sense of friendship and community among all members. The GSA is student-led, meaning it is run by students at HHS (Cab Amidei, Hope Huffman, & Luka Belleville). The leaders of the GSA strive to make a safe and inclusive environment for all, and always make new members feel welcome.

A study by Chan et al. found that schools with GSAs and other inclusive practices reported lower rates of bullying, victimization, discrimination, suicidality, self-harm, and drug/alcohol abuse related to queer students. Additionally, it found that these inclusive methods led to high rates of academic success and perceived school safety. Needless to say, GSAs prove to be crucial in creating a safe environment for LGBTQ+ students. 

However, you don’t have to take my word for it. Fiona Hogan, an avid member of the GSA told Harborlight: “Well for me, it’s like a safe place for people to hang out and talk about issues relating to the LGBTQ+.” 

The GSA hopes to spread this feeling of community and safety to more students at Hingham High school. In the words of one of the GSA’s leaders, Luka Belleville: “The GSA is important because it provides a sense of community for queer people and their allies and it also provides a place for people to just talk and hang out… also come to queer prom!” 

Additionally, the GSA is hosting its third annual queer prom. This prom is open to all queer people and their allies between the ages of 14-18. Anyone on the South Shore can attend. There will be games, food, and pride themed decorations. It will be held in the HHS gym on June 8th from 7-10pm. Tickets are free. 

In conclusion, the GSA is always looking for new members, so don’t hesitate to stop by room 272 on any Thursday after school. The GSA strives to leave a positive impact on HHS and create an inclusive environment for all. So please, consider joining the GSA!

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