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Seniors throwing their caps in the air after their graduation! Credits: Joshua Ross
Class of 2024 Graduation!
Katie Whitlock, Staff Writer • June 3, 2024

NBA Mock Draft

Hiroko Masuike
Victor Wembanyama on stage after being selected first overall in the 2023 NBA draft

This past week the NBA draft lottery concluded, setting the stage for the big day, where two rounds worth of upcoming rookies will be selected to start their NBA careers. In Brooklyn, just one month from now, the Atlanta Hawks will be selecting their future with the #1 overall draft pick. Although this draft class lacks the star names such as Victor Wembanyama, NBA fans have a lot to look forward to with rookies coming out of the college, the g league, or other countries.

1. Hawks – Alex Sarr – France

Despite having just 3% odds to receive the first overall pick, the Atlanta Hawks were the last team remaining at the NBA draft lottery. This means they will have the opportunity to pair a big man with their loaded backcourt. Sarr is easily one of the best athletes in this draft class, helping him to be the defensive stud that could easily go #1 in the draft. He’s a versatile big man that will have most of his offensive production come in the two man game with him and Hawks point guard Trae Young. Young and current Hawks center, Clint Capela run one of the best pick and roll games in the NBA. The addition of a big man with high up side like Sarr can be the piece the Hawks need to make a run.

2. Wizards – Donovan Clingan – UConn

Clingan’s draft stock has skyrocketed over this past season as he won his second straight national title. Clingan is a seasoned big man that knows how to win games. Hingham High School student Mac Corey says “A winner in college often translates to a winner in the league. He’s proven that he can get the job done”. Although Clingan’s game is limited offensively, his rim protection could be a big addition to the Wizards defense. Clingan also struggled at the line shooting under 60% from the stripe this past season. This pick would likely be a low risk, low reward kind of decision. The Wizards, who lack a star on the roster, might not be finding that guy in Clingan, but they definitely will be finding an anchor defensively.

3. Rockets – Zaccharie Risacher  – France

Risacher, the second French player of the board, is not the type of guy that fills the stat sheet. Over in France he averaged just 10.9 PPG and 3.8 RPG. The plus side of Risacher’s game is his efficiency. With a true shooting percentage of 58.4%, Risacher is the perfect high upside role player that the Rockets need. This draft class lacks the high name players that are likely to be stars, so teams like the Rockets can’t afford to take risks on low level players. Still a lot of questions in his game as he lacks the handles to become a true NBA guard.

4. Spurs – Rob Dillingham  – Kentucky

Dillingham has one of the highest potentials in all of this draft class. After just one year at Kentucky, Dillingham was clearly one of the most exciting players in college basketball. “Dillingham is simply a bucket-getter,” says Hingham High School student Max Friedman. His shifty athleticism helps him to get to the rim with ease where he finishes even over taller defenders. Dillingham proved that he can be a high level catch and shoot guard which is definitely beneficial to his draft stock. His young age and inexperience is a worry that might cause him to push out of the top 5. Dillingham is also a subpar defender, often getting out of position and getting backed down by bigger players. Since the Spurs lack a guard, Dillingham is one of few options that they have at the #4 pick.

Rob Dillingham during Kentucky’s inter-squad exhibition game after hitting a throw pointer in his 40 point performance (Vicky Graff)










5. Pistons – Matas Buzelis – G League Ignite

After yet another disappointing season for the Pistons, the draft lottery yet again works against Detroit as they fall to #5 despite having the worst record in the NBA. As bad as this seems, Buzelis could still be on the board, and would be the perfect fit for the Pistons. Buzelis has proven to be an athletic versatile forward, with handles that allows him to bring the ball up the court as well. In a Pistons offense that is going to be manned by two super athletic guards in Ivey and Cunningham, it will pay to have a forward like Buzelis that moves well with them. Just a few months ago Buzelis was in the conversation for the #1 overall pick in the draft until this final season in the G League where he lost his shot from behind the arc. After being lights out from 3 in his senior year of high school, Buzelis has managed to shoot under 30% this past year. Despite these struggles he is still a projected top 5 pick that will do wonders for a young Pistons squad.

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