TRACES Program Display at HHS


Chris Bierwirth

A car made in the TRACES Program

Chris Bierwirth, Contributing Writer

This week, students from the TRACES Program at Hingham High School displayed the projects they have been working on diligently since the beginning of the year. The presentation  was an exciting opportunity for the students involved in the program to showcase their work and their talent.

Many students enjoy the departure from a traditional high school education TRACES offers. They get to work in a more practical manner alongside other like-minded individuals. Similar to an education one receives at a vocational school, these students receive  practical experience in a workshop. At the end of E block, students leave the school and travel to Bare Cove Park to begin their work for the day, be it in the area of welding, carpentry, or  industrial design. The program, run out of an off­-campus site in Bare Cove Park, offers students  in the program “an opportunity to explore a wide range of construction skills in trades such as  architectural design, carpentry, electricity, welding, sheet-metal fabrication, machine shop,  interior design, and decorating,” according to the description of the course in the Hingham High  School Program of Studies.

In the TRACES displays, students were able to see a welded frame  for a go­kart, beautiful bowls, and an adirondack chair, among many other well­built projects. Dr. Paul Palowski, who directs the program, is happy to announce  that the Robotics Club is also moving into the off­-campus site alongside the TRACES  program. Students interested in the program should talk to Dr. Palowski, who can often be  found in the woodshop.