Hingham v. Duxbury Wrestling Meet


Addy Stupin

A Hingham wrestler throws Duxbury opponent on the ground

Addy Stupin, Editor-in-Chief

This past Wednesday, the 15th of December, the Hingham High Varsity wrestling team competed against Duxbury.

The lights in the gym were dimmed, enhancing the tension of each match and forcing the lighted individual wrestling matches to take center stage.  Around ¾ of the gym seemed to be filled, with an excited student section commanding the most attention, cheering loudly throughout the course of the match. Senior Casey Cosgrove, who attended the match, said, “It was really fun! I didn’t really understand what was going on but it was pretty intense.”

Hingham’s victory was deserved and unsurprising, the final score being 15 to 60. Congratulations to all who competed on their great win!

The next Varsity Wrestling match is Wednesday the 23rd after school at 4PM.

Come and show your support for Hingham!