Troop 1 Hingham’s Chritmas Tree Drive


Dan Power

A scout tends to the trees picked up by his team over the course of the day.

Matt Dwyer, Photography Editor

Every year Boy Scout Troop 1 of Hingham performs the service of picking up peoples’ Christmas trees around town, and carting them to the dump to spare people of the arduous chore. Hingham residents have the opportunity to have their trees picked up by Troop 1 on three days in January, this year the 3rd, 9th, and 10th (A Sunday, Saturday, and Sunday.) On these days, the scouts and adult leaders meet at HQ, this year the Bare Cove Fire Museum, where the Troop leaders set up a makeshift office to schedule pick-ups, organize pick-up routes, and dispatch scouts. Every year over one thousand trees are picked up around Hingham by the multiple teams of scouts and adult leaders, who spend hours bringing them from homes to the dump in massive loads. To accomplish this feat, multiple trucks and U-Hauls are rented every year by the Troop.

Although it is exhausting, the tree drive is always a fun time. Eagle Scout Ivan Frantz said, “I’ve always loved the tree drive because it gets the younger kids talking to and becoming friends with the older high school scouts. Also, it’s a very tangible way for the troop to raise money, and it’s just fun.”

This year we picked up well over 1000 trees, making this year’s drive a massive success. Thank you to all those who participated!

Additionally, Troop 1 meets Thursday nights at 7 at the Scout House on 162 Leavitt Street. New members are always welcome!