A Tasty Treat in Hingham

Town residents cram into the square to get a taste of the local flavor.

GARY HIGGINS/The Patriot Ledger

Town residents cram into the square to get a taste of the local flavor.

Eamon Flynn, Contributing Writer

Every year in May, Hingham hosts a taste-testing event downtown where people can enjoy the foods of countless restaurants and vote on the best one. The Taste of Hingham captures the spirit of this town perfectly, as friends and families enjoy a day full of fun with the community.

This year this event was praised by all who attended. Freshman David Mills says, “I have been going for the past couple of years now, and every time I’ve had a blast coming here.” Along with David, many others enjoyed this event as people of all ages came to taste what the various restaurants had to show for themselves.

For the shops, the offers a friendly competition to snag new patrons. All the vendors vie for the title of “Taste of the Town” which is the overall winner of the event. This year that coveted award went to Stars on Hingham Harbor for their delicious Clam chowder; the runner up was PEEL Pizza Co. for their tasty cheese pizza.

Various other awards were up for grabs including Best Soup (Stars), Best Entree( The Snug), Best Appetizer (Bloomy Rind), Best Burger/Pizza (PEEL Pizza Co.), Best Vegetarian(Trader Joe’s) and finally Best Desserts , which Hingham’s favorite ice cream parlor, Nona’s, earned.

Though the awards are nice, many of the visitors did not care about who won; they just wanted to gulp down as much food as they could and have a good time with their friends.  Freshman Ben Shadrick said, “My favorite by far was the steak tips from the Snug. I must’ve went through that line around fifty times.” Though Brad was probably exaggerating, the food was just that good.

Every vendor did a great job of providing the town with their best products that they had to offer. As the day wound down, stragglers reluctant to leave walked back to their homes or cars, hugging their family, sharing the highlights of their day down at The Taste of Hingham.

Hopefully this tradition carries on for many years to come as it encapsulates everything great about Hingham: food, community, and fun.