The Ocean State XC Invitational in Rhode Island


Kaylee Hill

Left to right: Juniors Michael Hill, Tim Dwyer, Ethan Drinkwater, Spencer Havens, and Sophomore Jack Myers along with Senior Jack Papich warming up on the starting line of their race.

Kaylee Hill, Contributing Writer

On Saturday, September 24 Hingham High School’s Boys’ cross country team attended the annual Ocean State XC Invitational in Goddard State Park Rhode Island. Around 10:15 am, roughly 40 boys piled onto a bus and headed for an hour and a half towards their race: a beautiful, but dusty 5K course that weaved into the woods from a clear field. Everything went smoothly from the warm ups to the cheering comradery from teammates. The boys’ team came home tired, but pleased with their excellent times, some of them having only just completed their first 5K.