Female Fall Fashion Trends At HHS


From left to right sophomores Julia Salvucci, Hannah Leawack, Kara May, Kayla Collins, Olivia Davies, Abby Fennelly, Liv Casey, and Ali Henderson dressed for fall.

Liv Casey, Contributing Writer


As the leaves turn yellow and the air turns cold, students rush to replace their summer wardrobes. This fall look out for two very important colors: maroon and army green. Every year people struggle to decorate fall shoes with cute outfits. Now everyone spruces up their traditional fall, brown riding boots with these two colors in the form of jeans.

Another trend to watch out for is the reappearance of plaid. Grace Walker, a Hingham High sophomore claims, “The best thing about plaid is that despite being fashionable it’s still extremely comfy”! Whether it’s being worn as an accessory to a shirt or just as a button up; you can never go wrong with plaid.

Green army jacket’s are also an important fixture of fall fashion. Another sophomore Abby Fennelly says, “You can really wear green army jackets with everything! It’s the perfect way to mix jeans and a t-shirt while still looking like you’re trying.” There are so many different types of this jacket sold, but really top quality ones are sold at J. Crew and Madewell at the Derby Street Shoppes.

If you tire of just jeans and boots, black leggings are always a good choice. Paired with a set of Converse or Vans and the fall look will be complete.

Besides work and riding boots, half boots are also a big deal this fall. Sold almost anywhere half boots are the perfect addition to skirts, leggings, or jeans. To top it all off make sure to add a collection of infinity scarves and long necklaces for the best fall look possible.