A Happy Homecoming for Best Buddies


Edan Larkin

Everyone who participated in the halftime game poses after a successful match!

Edan Larkin, Contributing Writer

Each and every Homecoming, the passionate and talented members of Best Buddies, a club here at HHS, play a quick yet exciting soccer game during halftime of the girls’ varsity soccer game. And each and every Homecoming, the Buddies wow the crowd with their impressive soccer skills.

The Buddies, along with their parents, fellow students, and faculty look forward to Homecoming and this moment of glory on the soccer field yearly.

Senior Ellie Snow expressed her elation as she walked on to the field, saying, “I had a lot of fun last year, it’s fun to play!”

This year was no different.

The teams were red versus white, and the players all wore customized shirts in order to proudly represent their team color, Best Buddies, and Hingham as a whole. During the game itself, both teams scored too many times to count! Drew Newton stood out with the largest amount of goals, but every single player demonstrated superb soccer skills and sportsmanship.

Neither team in particular won the match, as all who participated were winners. To commemorate this victory, all of the Buddies were included in the Varsity Girls’ huddle and cheer before the second half began. It was a jovial and touching moment for all included.

The Buddies were ecstatic after they left the field and very proud of their performances. Sophomores Jenna Cross and Avery Berigan were all smiles, expressing how much fun they had and how much they loved playing. Gianna Merian, another sophomore, spoke for all when she said, “The game was great! I’m happy that I played and that it went so well!”

Best Buddies is a very inclusive group, so Hingham High alumni Emma Ellison did not miss out on the fun either. With a bright smile on her face, she exclaimed, “It was really fun!”

Top-scorer Drew Newton capped off the event with his own comment. “Happy to be here, folks!” he enthusiastically shouted.

The game was clearly a success with the students, and this feeling was shared by faculty as well.

Mrs. Matthews, a special education teacher here at Hingham High school, works closely with the Buddies in school and outside of school. She thinks that the halftime game is a great way to include Best Buddies with all of the Homecoming excitement, especially because the event itself means a lot to the group.

“[The Buddies] love being a part of the school and the whole community,” Mrs. Matthews spoke fondly.

The parents agree. Ms. Cross, the mother of sophomore Jenna Cross, loves the hype surrounding Homecoming and the fact that the Buddies are included in it. Watching her daughter and her daughter’s friends having such an enjoyable time brought a smile to her face.

“The kids all have a great time playing the soccer game,” she assured.

Clearly, the halftime game was once more a successful and delightful event. The Buddies look forward to next year’s Homecoming as well!