Holiday Cheer and Fear


Liv Casey

Senora Carpenters class shows off their Holiday spirit in C Block!

Liv Casey, Contributing Writer

The term “holiday spirit” is one that is either fully embraced this time of year or completely rejected. Those who prefer to immerse themselves into the songs, movies, and decorations that come with the month of December tend to excitedly await the arrival of each holiday. Many people however, view the holidays as a time for academic stress with the prospect of the entire family coming over looming overhead like a dark cloud. From sophomore Lexie Vonderluft’s perspective, “the week before the holiday season is an absolute nightmare with tests and quizzes almost every day”. Lexie also feels that, “this year’s break is super short and inadequate”. Considering the meager ten days that are offered to us, her opinion is one that is shared by most students.

Although there is a considerable fear factor that follows in the wake of the holidays it’s always important to balance that with some holiday cheer. In Lexie’s opinion, “decorating is the best part. I think all the lights, trees and wreaths make the houses in Hingham look so pretty”! Shea Morrissey another sophomore shares her opinion, “I love the Christmas trees and all the pretty holiday lights!” Decorations can prove to be a super fun way to distract oneself from the ever growing mountain of schoolwork.

Another fun aspect of the holidays is getting to give out gifts, but as sophomore Claire Haney puts it, “I hate becoming so broke after”. Although the giving and receiving is fun, there is still a very realistic strain it puts on a high school student’s budget. Sophomore Lydia Gross takes a more positive stance on the upcoming holidays, “ despite the homework load being crazy I’m still looking forward to spending time with my family”. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of homework and exams, but that’s why it’s important to remember winter break is quickly approaching and soon the happiness that comes from spending time with loved ones combined with the infectious joy of December will outweigh all of the holiday blues.