December Choral Concert Demonstrates Student Talent


Kaylee Hill

Juniors Hannah Kerber and Margaret Strehle sporting a “we heart Karen Ji” sign supporting the chorus.

Kaylee Hill, Contributing Writer

On Tuesday, December 20th, Hingham High School held its annual December Choral Concert featuring three groups: Concert Chorale, Choral Spectrum, and Mixed Chorus. Concert Chorale takes place during school as does Mixed Chorus. For students interested in singing more and at a higher level, Choral Spectrum takes place after school during the week. A wonderful concert that really demonstrated the singing talent of the students and, as an ensemble, their dedication and hard work. There was a mix of holiday music, including Jingle Bells and a traditional Hebrew song “Ose Shalom”, that really captivated the audience, and  the audience loudly applauded the ending of the last song, “Feller from Fortune”.