The Patriots Win Their Fifth Super Bowl

Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady, holds up the Super Bowl trophy in celebration.

Super Bowl

Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady, holds up the Super Bowl trophy in celebration.

Lizzie Quinlivan, Contributing Writer

Freshman Grace McIsaac reflected, “I was sitting with my family watching the game. There was a sad look on everyone’s face. We thought it was over”. When all hope seemed lost for Patriot fans, one of the most amazing comebacks in history was made, leading the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl title.

The 51st Super Bowl game took place on Sunday, February 5, in Houston, Texas and featured the New England Patriots facing off against the Atlanta Falcons.

Before the game, many people were honored, including 41st President George H.W. Bush. Following this,  Phillipa Soo, Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Jasmine Cephas Jones, who were the original cast members to portray the Schuyler Sisters in the Broadway musical, “Hamilton”, performed America the Beautiful. Freshman Emily Bryant said that “the Schuyler Sisters were literally the only reason I watched the game”. After this performance, The Star Spangled Banner was performed by country music star Luke Bryan.

The game kicked off with the coin toss for the ball, which was won by the Falcons. The first quarter ended with a score of 0-0.

During the second quarter alone, Atlanta scored 21 points, and the Patriots scored only three points with a single field goal. This unexpected yet significant lead led people to believe that there was no coming back for the Patriots, and that the game was already over.

After the second quarter ended, the Super Bowl Halftime Show began, taking minds off the unfortunate score of the game. The show was performed by singer Lady Gaga, who started her show with a pre-recorded opening on top of the stadium, from which she descended by jumping.

Freshman Alex Lannon said, “Lady Gaga has not been on the radio or really making music in the past couple of years, so her performance brought back so many memories of songs that I enjoyed back in middle school and elementary school.”

After an exciting show full of singing and dancing, Lady Gaga threw her microphone down and jumped off the stage, concluding her performance.

The coin toss for the third quarter was won by the Patriots, who scored six more points during the period, bringing them up to six total points. The Falcons, though, scored seven more points, bringing them up to a score of 28. At the end of the third quarter, the chances of the Patriots winning were very slim.

Junior Anne Lipsett reflected, “At the end of the third, I could not watch anymore. I did not want to watch something that we were so excited for go the other way”.

With the beginning of the fourth quarter, Pats fans prepared for the worst. Yet, within the last few minutes of the game, the Patriots gained 19 points, tying up the game.

For the first time in history, the Super Bowl went into an overtime in which the first team to score would be the winner.

With a touchdown that barely crossed the goal line, the Patriots won the game. Quarterback Tom Brady was overcome with emotion and started to cry. This was his fifth Super Bowl victory, a record for any quarterback in the National Football League.

Bill Belichick, coach of the Patriots, now also holds the record as the NFL coach who has lead their team to the most Super Bowl victories.  The Patriots last won the Super Bowl in 2015, when they defeated the Seattle Seahawks.

Patriots fans across New England celebrated this victory.  They were very happy, especially after it seemed that the Patriots could not win after the score of 28-3 Falcons.

Tuesday was also a day of celebration for many Bostonians.  On Tuesday, the city of Boston held a “Rolling Rally”, in which the Patriot players made an appearance. Fans from all over New England gathered the crowded streets of Boston in celebration of the Super Bowl victory.