A Joyous Junior Prom


Liv Casey

(From left to right) Lizzy Haggerty, Bryce Williams, Caroline Leduc, Jack Muldoon, Margaret Strehle, Emma O’Neil, and Mackenzie Brennan pose for prom pics.

Liv Casey, Contributing Writer

On Friday, May 12th,  Hingham High put on the annual Junior Prom. These past couple weeks, with the warm weather, the flowers blooming, and the increasing number of special proposals, have made it obvious that it’s that time of year again… prom season. The juniors picked a Great Gatsby theme and decided to host the party at Pembroke Country Club. For weeks leading up to the occasion, the juniors were bursting with excitement. Talk about who was wearing what and who was showing up with who could constantly be heard in the halls. Junior Margaret Strehle expressed her anticipation of the event, “I’m so excited. I know it’s going to be a great time”. After May 12th, had ended, Margaret’s prediction seemed to come true.

The doors opened at seven p.m., and a long line of delighted students waited to get in. Once inside, it became very noticeable just how much the juniors put into fundraising to make the event truly special. Black and gold balloons covered the dance floor, keeping with the Great Gatsby theme. Gatsby’s green light adorned every table in the form of glowing centerpieces that contained goldfish. There was even an assortment of food ready to be served to the students, marking the first ever Junior Prom put on by Hingham High that has served dinner. The efforts of the Junior Prom Committee did not go unnoticed.  Junior Karen Ji claims, “I am so proud of my class. They worked so hard and it evidently paid off. Everyone who worked on making tonight happen did such a nice job”. Many of the juniors share the same opinions as Karen and had a wonderful night.

Students danced right up until ten o’clock, when prom finally ended. Everyone who went seemed sad when the fun night had finally ended. Junior Nora Hill expressed her disappointment when the night was over saying, “ Tonight was so much fun. After all the planning and preparation I’m sad to see it over”. The juniors don’t have to feel disappointed however, because Senior Prom is now on the horizon for them. They should definitely look forward to it because if their Senior Prom is embraced with just a fraction of the effort put into their Junior Prom, then it’s going to be a good one.