A Farewell to a Spectacular Nurse

The dynamic duo of Ms. Szyman and Ms. OKeeffe, who will be the full time nurse next year, poses for a picture.

Liv Casey

The dynamic duo of Ms. Szyman and Ms. O’Keeffe, who will be the full time nurse next year, poses for a picture.

Liv Casey, Contributing Writer

Whenever a member of Hingham High faculty and staff hears someone mention the school nurse’s office, he or she immediately responds with an overflow of praise for the incredibly kind Nurse Pat Szyman.

It is well known around the school that the nurse’s office is home to two of the amiable and charming women in town. They are always there to patch people up and overall brighten the day for both staff and students. When it was announced that Nurse Szyman would be retiring at the end of this year, the halls were filled with melancholy students retelling stories of memorable trips to her office that were filled with sympathy and sweetness.

One thread always connected these stories of the spectacular nurse, her contagious smile and unwavering kindness.

Nurse Szyman has always worked her hardest to improve the health of those who attend Hingham High and her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Sophomore Meg Lumnah shares, “I absolutely love her! She is so incredibly sweet.” Meg is not the only one who appreciates all of Nurse Szyman’s hard work.

Sophomore Caroline Johannes agrees that, “the nurse is super nice”. According to Caroline, “I go to the nurse’s office a lot for track related injuries and she couldn’t be nicer to me.” Caroline claims, “She is one of my favorite teachers even if I only see her a few times a day. She even checked me for a tic once! I’m going to miss her so much. She honestly made each one of my days better when I got to see her.”

Praise for Nurse Szyman continued to flow from all grade levels. Junior Dylan Davis wants to especially say, “Thank you so much for patching me up when a dog bit me on the way to school. It was very unexpected but you were there to patch me up”.

The only rival to the students’ feelings towards Nurse Szyman is that of the teachers. Ms. Coughlin shares her feelings about the nurse: “She always has a smile on her face and she can always make everyone around her smile. There’s no doubt that she will be missed!”

The whole school is terribly sad to see her go, but we are also extremely grateful for all the hard work she has put into her job. The love all the faculty and students have for Nurse Szyman is only rivaled by her own love for all of them.

Her job for her “[has] been an education. The best thing about this job is seeing how much people change. They come in as adorable little freshmen and gain a certain maturity and a lot can change in their four years. It’s just nice to be able to help them with some of the things they end up going through.”

Nurse Szyman feels, “both a little bit excited and sad for retirement.” She claims, however, that since it’s her retirement she must, “get into some kind of trouble. I have a lot of work to do because you don’t know when you’re bucket list is going to have the bottom fall out so you have to make the most of it.”

Hopefully this is not the last this school has seen of Nurse Szyman. On behalf of the whole school, we sincerely thank her for her spectacular contribution to everyday life at Hingham High. You will be missed!

The dynamic duo of nurses pose for a picture.