Beloved Math Teacher Ms. Hunt Retires


Olivia Davies.

Ms. Hunt poses with the author (left) and his classmate Harry Hull (right) in late December.

Will Sutton, Contributing Writer

Ms. Hunt is caught in a moment of consideration, gazing at her Smartboard. The screensaver is a photo of a solitary mountain, with Ms. Hunt’s favorite mantra, “Mathematics is not a spectator sport!” emblazoned across the scene.

“Honestly, what I love most about Hingham High is the kids. When I walk in here… I get a lot of positive feedback, all day, every day,” Eileen Hunt explains, still fixated on the inspiring photo. She continues, “I’m not gonna miss the correcting, I’m not gonna miss making up tests, but I am gonna miss the kids.”

And, it seems, the kids will miss her just as much. The algebra teacher, who has taught at Hingham High since 2001, has certainly left a legacy.

When asked to describe the teacher in one word, Sophomore Harry Hull said, “sassy.” He elaborated, “She’s really interactive with the class, gets everyone excited to do math, which is a very difficult thing to do.”

Hull was not alone in his praise for his algebra teacher. His classmates, including fellow Sophomore Olivia Davies, agreed. “Ms. Hunt has been one of the best math teachers I’ve ever had. Not only does she make most lessons interactive, she’s also charmingly cantankerous, which keeps class interesting.”

Multiple former students on the site supported these positive responses to Ms. Hunt, expressing their love for Ms. Hunt and the quirks of her teaching style, including, apparently, her fondness for calling out students who fall asleep during class.

Despite her student’s affection, Ms. Hunt has exciting plans for her future after retirement. “My plan is to travel the world, and enjoy the birth of my first grandchild.”

She explains, sitting in the room where has taught algebra for the last twelve years. “I’ll miss it, of course,” she continued, “because it keeps life interesting. Every day is different with teaching.”