Senior Prom 2017

Kaylee Hill, Contributing Writer

Thursday June 1st, Hingham High School held their annual Senior Prom. The grand night always starts downtown at the Hingham Bathing Beach Gazebo for the big red carpet event. As the time ticked to five-o’clock, the parking lot began to fill with cars, limos, and party buses. Two massive party buses emptied a dozen couples and elegantly dressed students. It was like watching the Emmys.

Junior Michael Hill attended the bathing beach fananza and said “Everybody looked so handsome and well dressed. It turned out to be a beautiful day before a fun night of dancing.” The day itself forecasted with patches of rain, but thankfully stayed clear for the rest of the evening.

Coming out of their vehicles, students strutted the red carpet to the Gazebo where they could take professional pictures with George Loring. On either side of the carpet were poles with white rope tied along the sides to enhance the experience. Everything was laid out perfectly and captured by the millions of spectators taking pictures. There were pictures being taken on the beach, by the trees, just everywhere. The green was covered with people and friends all gathered to celebrate such a fun event!

Soon, it was time for the students to begin their way to Granite Links in Quincy, a short ride from the beach. Upon arrival, students walked up the marble stairway into the party room. The tables had differently colored rectangular glasses with flowers in them and a card labeling the tables. Students were immediately served drinks of their choice from lemonade, water, and iced tea.

As everybody trickled into the room, the DJ the set the party tone. Students began to socialize and dance on the dance floor. Some students vacated the room onto the balcony overlooking a gorgeous view of the ocean and golf course before a three course dinner of salad, chicken parmesan or vegetarian option, and strawberry cake.

After dinner, the real party was in full swing. Students crowded onto the dance floor to popular songs and took pictures together in the photo area. Along the side of one of the walls was a little table with props students could choose from to spice their pictures up. As a last hurrah, students were gathering around with some of the teacher chaperones and classmates. The teacher photos were great to secure the fun times and memories from class. It was a really bittersweet moment as senior Kate Murray put it, “It was super fun, made a lot of new friends and had a surprising amount of fun dancing. Definitely made me miss people more.”

The night wrapped up with one slow dance and a couple of well-known songs students and teachers danced together in synchronized moves. A perfect way to end such a celebratory night of four great years at the high school. Officer Ford saw students out and wished them safe keeping as the night came to a close. A night students would remember full of elegance, dancing, and most of all celebration.