Family Fun Day


courtesy Hingham Journal

To the left, Recreational director Mike Bernard and his three little girls standing next to the Massachusetts State Police Horse Force.

Kaylee Hill, Managing-Editor

Sunday, August 20th Hingham held its annual Family Fun Day at the Town Hall fields. The day started promptly at 10 in the morning. Hingham Town Police officers began to transform the bare greens into an array of tents and activities. Two large bouncy houses quickly inflated in the baseball field, while trucks and trailers piled into the area. Everything was in motion. Chairs were brought out, tables set up, and lots of stations put into place. Along the side by the baseball fields, police officers and volunteers began to set out the food. A long table was covered with a blue cloth and condiments. Behind the scenes was a grill pumping out hamburgers and hotdogs for the incoming families.

Next to the foods table, was munchies. Munchies frozen yogurt had a display of gummies, oreos, and other toppings for kids and parents to choose from to top their delicious frozen treats. A favorite of the crowd was the cookie making station. Large plain sugar cookies were laid out waiting to be decorated in layers of frosting and other toppings.

Besides the enticing foods, face painting was a huge hit. There two face painting tables that made lines quick and easy. Kids got everything from crowns to butterflys and all sorts of animals and shapes.

Across from the face painting, police officers greeted kids and parents showing off the cars, trucks, and more. Firefighters brought out a fire truck and let kids see some real action in them. Two state police horses strode around wowing the crowds. Incoming Senior Kelley Osterberg volunteered at the Family Fun Day and said, “It was really nice to see the police and fire departments interacting with Hingham citizens in such a positive way. I think trust, respect, and fun, foamy memories go a long way towards a unified community”. Later on in the day, there was a showing of one of the police dogs. A man in a huge white suit pretended to be an attacker. The police dog chased after the man and attacked him. The dog was astounding and the man in the white suit brave. That dog’s bite was strong!

The closing of such a beautiful day ended with smiling children and happy parents. As incoming Senior Maddie Hoffses put it, “Great time for families to have fun with their kids and come together with the local police and fire departments in a lighthearted environment”. The police, fire department, and military started to pack up to another successful Family Fun Day. As the fields cleared out and the trucks vacated the area, all that remained were the great memories of the perfect day.