Dusting off for school


Kaylee Hill, Managing-Editor

Tuesday, September 5th, marked the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. For some, it would be their first time walking into the building as a freshmen, but for the majority of students, it was welcome back. New principal Mr. Swanson greeted and welcomed students back to HHS, while teachers awaited in their classrooms preparing for super homeroom. Hallways quickly dispersed at the sound of the first bell, promptly at eight in the morning.

It was both good and sad to be back saying good-bye to summer, but the excitement for the upcoming year was unmistakable. Old friends greeted friends and new friends were made on the first week.

Incoming Seniors sported their red senior shirts as they felt the seniority sink in. Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen followed suit, settling into routine. Every grade met for their annual assembly and teachers handed out school paperwork.

As the bells signaled the next blocks, students hit the day running. They carried their packs through the hallways, handing in summer work and keeping up with their tasks. Navigating new schedules took some adjusting to, as many students managed their way throughout the day. Freshman Brigid Nugent said “I accidentally walked into the wrong classroom,” something every student has had his or her fair share of.

Besides navigating the school, students had to balance homework and fall sports. Turning on the gears and getting back into school mode has been a huge change compared to the summer. Junior Dylan Diersche echoed this: “I like my teachers, but there the homework is a lot. Being back is difficult; however, seeing friends is good.”

The first week is always overwhelming, but slowly everything falls into place. Clubs begin to formulate their goals and plans for the upcoming year and the books piled into backpacks and taken home sit waiting to be opened.